H16 Manual Flow Control Valve


  • Variable orifice, restrictive type, hydraulic flow control, non-pressure compensated. Pressure balanced, bidirectional flow.
  • 90 degree rotation
  • Can be used with most of our standard Motorized Flow Control manifold packages

Operating Pressure

  • 3000 psi maximum differential
  • Consult factory for higher operating pressures

Flow Ranges

Based on 100 PSI pressure differential with valve fully open. See pressure drop curves for additional application data

  • 15 0-15 gpm (Equivalent to Ø.25” orifice at full open)
  • 20 0-20 gpm (Equivalent to Ø.35” orifice at full open)
  • 35 0-35 gpm (Equivalent to Ø.49” orifice at full open)
  • 50 0-50 gpm (Equivalent to Ø.56” orifice at full open)
  • Custom ranges are available upon request


  • Cage, Body and Spool: Steel, exposed parts plated
  • Motor housing assembly: Anodized aluminum
  • Standard line bodies are aluminum
  • Steel bodies are available upon request

Seal Material

  • Buna N and polyurethane standard
  • Viton optional

Internal Leakage

  • 5 cubic inch per minute per 1000 psi


  • -40 to 120°C


  • C 16-2 industry common cavity

Valve Installation Torque

  • 65 ft-lbs

Cartridge Weight

  • H16 cartridge only 1.2 lbs
  • H16 with aluminum body 4.1 lbs

Seal kit

  • SFP25249

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